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Purchase Printed and Framed Aerial Images

The images found below may be purchased with a mixture of printed paper or canvas materials and framing options. All of these images were captured by Nathaniel Fay, who is a Registered and Certified Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority Unmanned Aircraft Pilot with 3 years of professional experience in aerial imaging capture and over 10 years of visual imagery creation. The images have been carefully selected and colour graded to enhance the beauty and colour of the original landscape.

All artworks will need to be custom quoted depending on your choices of paper or canvas printing and framing options. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a quote.

Delivery of the artwork can be arranged within the Sydney Metropolitan Area, for delivery outside of this area please contact us to arrange this.

Title: Beginning of the End

Location: Cape Leeuwin Coastline, Western Australia

Beginning of the End

This image was taken in February 2018, flying along the coastline near Cape Leeuwin in Western Australia.

Title: The Lighthouse Keeper

Location: The Old Scituate Lighthouse in Boston, Massachusetts 

The Lighthouse Keeper

This image was taken in November 2015 at the Old Scituate Lighthouse at 6.20am, capturing the beauty of a sunrise as it peeks above the water's edge. The clouds turning colour from the cold moonlit darkness to the sun's vibrant streams of light.

Title: Bondi Beach Breaks

Location: Bondi Beach, Sydney, Australia

Bondi Beach Breaks

This image was taken from the northern point of the world famous Bondi Beach located along the beautiful Sydney Coastline in Australia.